Visuals for Colt de Paine Bakery

Visuals for Colt de Paine Bakery

This project it is one of my favorite until now

They challenged me to design their visual identity, logo and also visuals for online media and much more.

Colț de Pâine is an artisan bakery that want to promote, through their products, a good family health. They bake bread with natural dough, without adding any chemical ingredients, after traditional recopies.

So the identity and especially the logo must reflect this concept. That’s why i used in the design process the most significant element from traditionally process for baking bread: brick oven. Also I choose to use the bread with the model of a wheat (like my grandmother used on her breads).

The clients was very happy with the result and they liked instantly 🙂 .

Colt_de_Paine_Business Card

Here you can see some other materials that I do for them, I hope you like them.



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3 February 2015